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About us

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With over a decade of tradition, the KDC Group has grown from a small community organization to serving the general public. We began as a local chit group and gradually expanded its business based on the trust of the people, spreading to various locations. Eventually, in 2020-2021, as per the Chits Funds Act of 1982, KDC transformed into a registered Chit Fund company authorized by the Kerala Government. With 74 batches, we have 4,320 satisfied subscribers. KDC is now an ISO (SC 9001:2015) certified company.  Apart from its branches in Onden Road and Bank Road, KDC aims to expand its business to new locations such as Cochin and Chennai. Additionally, KDC provides custom assistance in obtaining loans suitable for businessmen through its financial wing, DSA, by streamlining the documentation process with nationalized banks and other private banks, excluding the need for traditional paperwork.


We strive to make financial empowerment accessible, inclusive, and transformative, enabling individuals to realize their dreams and aspirations.


We envision a society where every individual has the opportunity to achieve financial freedom and build a strong foundation for a prosperous future.


We are committed to making a positive difference in society. We actively engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives supporting sustainable development.



Frequently asked general questions

How do KDC Chits work?

KDC Chits operates on the concept of a chit fund, which brings together a group of individuals who contribute a fixed amount of money into a pool at regular intervals. Each member gets an opportunity to receive the total pool amount through periodic auctions. The auctions are conducted based on predetermined criteria, such as the highest discount bid or the lowest unique bid. The auction winners receive the disbursed amount, and the cycle continues until all members have received their share.

Here is a beginners guide on how exactly chits work.

Is KDC Chits a registered and regulated chit fund company?

Yes, KDC Chits is a registered and regulated chit fund company. We adhere to the legal and regulatory framework set forth by the authorities governing chit funds. Our operations are conducted in compliance with the prescribed guidelines, ensuring the safety and security of our members' investments.

What are the benefits of joining KDC Chits?

Joining KDC Chits offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides a platform for individuals to save and invest collectively, allowing them to achieve their financial goals in a structured manner. Secondly, members have the opportunity to receive a lump sum amount at predetermined intervals, which can be utilized for various purposes such as education, business ventures, or asset acquisition. Additionally, being part of KDC Chits enables members to leverage the collective strength of the community, benefiting from the combined resources and expertise for enhanced financial opportunities.

What is the minimum and maximum contribution amount?

The minimum and maximum contribution amounts can vary based on the specific chit-fund schemes offered by KDC Chits. We provide flexibility to accommodate the diverse financial capabilities of our members. The minimum contribution amount ensures accessibility for all, while the maximum contribution amount is determined by the overall pool size and regulatory requirements. Our team can provide detailed information on the specific contribution ranges for each chit-fund scheme.

How are the auction winners determined?

The auction winners in KDC Chits are determined based on the predetermined criteria set for each auction. This could include the highest discount bid, where the member willing to accept the lowest payout (discount) is declared the winner. Alternatively, it could be the lowest unique bid, where the member with the lowest unique bid amount is selected as the auction winner. The specific criteria for each auction will be communicated and explained in detail to the members before the auction takes place.

What fees or charges are associated with participating in KDC Chits?

There are nominal charges associated with participating in KDC Chits. These fees cover administrative expenses, documentation, and operational costs incurred in managing the chit fund. The exact details of the fees, including any registration charges, monthly service charges, or auction fees, will be communicated to the members before joining. At KDC Chits, we strive to maintain transparency in our fee structure, ensuring that our members have a clear understanding of the associated costs involved in participating in our chit funds.

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Our Team

Team That Always has our back

At KDC Chits, our success is driven by our exceptional team of professionals who are passionate about empowering individuals and businesses on their financial journeys. We have assembled a dynamic group of individuals who bring diverse expertise, unwavering dedication, and a shared commitment to excellence.






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