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chits fund poster Empowering You to Shape We prioritize the security and transparency of our chit funds. By joining KDC Chits, you become part of a strong and supportive community. View More Your Financial Destiny

Chits fund Schemes

KDC Group is a trusted and registered Chits Fund company authorized by the Kerala Government.

Exciting Services

KDC Group offers a range of services that cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses.

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Getting in touch with our team is the first step towards a rewarding financial partnership that you can gain from.


Chits Schemes


Welcome To KDC Chits Pvt. Ltd

With over a decade of tradition, the KDC Group has grown from a small community organization to serving the general public. It began with local chits and gradually expanded its business based on the trust of the people, spreading to various locations.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize building strong relationships with our customers.

Speedy Processing

You can experience speedy processing of your applications and loans.

Easy Documentation

We make financial processes hassle-free and convenient for you.

Transparency and Trust

We believe in providing complete transparency in our services.

Chit funds scheme poster offered by kdc chits
Chit funds scheme poster offered by kdc chits
10 lakh Chit funds scheme poster offered by kdc chits
Chit funds scheme poster offered by kdc chits
women holding chits money

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Whether you require investment advice, loan assistance, or financial planning, our expert team will listen attentively and gather essential information.

Application and Documentation

Once you decide to proceed with KDC Group's chit fund, we will guide you through the application and documentation process.

Payment and Participation

Once you have selected the desired chit fund, you will be required to make the initial payment as per the terms outlined in the agreement.

Auction and Prize Distribution

Our team will facilitate these auctions, ensuring fairness, transparency, and adherence to the chit fund guidelines.


What Our Clients Say...

I have been a satisfied client of KDC Group for over five years now, and I cannot speak highly enough of their financial advice and planning services.


I was able to participate in a chit fund that aligned perfectly with my savings goals, and the process was incredibly straightforward.


Their streamlined process, efficient collection methods, and professional approach have made a noticeable difference in my business operations.


I had always been hesitant about investing in chit funds, but my experience with KDC Group has completely changed my perspective.


I highly recommend KDC Group's chit funds to individuals looking for a disciplined savings option with the potential for attractive returns.


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